twenty-seven names
  • makers of beautiful clothing for women
  • boutique fashion label, ethical and sustainable is a way of life
  • online store plus three physical stores


This case study explains how twenty-seven names improved their online customer service.



The challenge: delivering exceptional customer service online

twenty-seven names co-founders Rachel Easting and Anjali Burnett are passionate about delivering extremely high levels of customer service across their three stores.  Their challenge was how to replicate that online. "We wanted a way to translate that experience into our web platform.  We wanted to optimise our web store in a way that felt true to our brand values.  We hoped Frankie would help our customers to find what they were looking for more efficiently and intuitively. Using Frankie has allowed us to offer our online customers that tailored experience - like we do in store."


"Frankie has allowed us to offer our customers that tailored experience online."

Anjali Burnett, Co-Founder




about twenty-seven names

twenty-seven names makes beautiful clothing. Founded in 2007 by Rachel Easting and Anjali Burnett - friends from primary school - their mantra is make beautiful clothing. The brand values of twenty-seven names pervade everything they do.

"We feel responsible to the people who make, sell and wear our clothes. We try to make choices that support women, help local and small businesses, and cause the least harm to the environment. Making ethical and sustainable choices is a way of life for us."


"We’ve appreciated the support from the Frankie team"

Rachel Easting, Co-Founder 





We installed the Frankie app for Shopify. The setup was very smooth. Initially, we enabled recommendation widgets on:

  • Product page - Better Alternative and Recently Viewed
  • 404 page - You May Like and Recently Viewed

After trialing it across those pages we expanded it to include:

  • Collections - Recently Viewed
  • Home page - Better Alternative

We particularly appreciated the ability to change the appearance to fit in with our own design aesthetic. We liked the fact that we could turn recommendations on for different parts of the store as our understanding of how best to use personal recommendations grew.


twenty-seven names co-founders






"Frankie’s excellent conversion rate shows that she's helping our customers find what they want, so we’re really happy."

  • 4x, that's the rate at which Frankie's recommendations convert at compared to our standard
  • 19% of our online revenue comes through Frankie now.

"We’ve appreciated the support from the Frankie team, and the deep understanding they show for our business and the industry."


We appreciated the deep understanding they show for our business and the industry."

Rachel Easting, Co-Founder


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