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  • A boutique, multi-brand fashion store known for its personal service.
  • They have an online and physical store.
  • They wanted to offer their online customers a personalized shopping experience.


This case study explains how Good as Gold brought personalization to their online shoppers and the results they achieved.



The challenge: personalization

Ruben Bryant, the visionary behind top rated Wellington store, Good as Gold, has long wanted to get personal with his online customers. Good as Gold is well known for its collection of boutique Street Fashion and a down to earth personal customer experience. However, the personal service hasn't been duplicated online - until now.

"In terms of online, we’ve done a lot of work on design, SEO and online ads - we have a well performing site with good traffic. I've long wanted to duplicate that personal experience online, but we’ve never been able to do it before. I want to give our online visitors exactly what they’re looking for - just like we do in our physical store.  For me, that means a customized personalized experience. The opportunity to do just that, was what really attracted me to Frankie."


"I want to give our online visitors exactly what they’re looking for ..."

Ruben Bryant, Founder Good as Gold  




About Good as Gold

"Best place to shop" - Metro Magazine

The Street Fashion store, Good as Gold, is one of the best places to shop in the capital Metro Magazine. If you visit them online, or their physical store it's not hard to see why. Good as Gold is an independent multi-brand Fashion and Streetwear store, bringing together the best brands from around the globe, to present a unique curated selection of goodness. The team are known for hunting far and wide to bring its customers products of the highest quality while providing the best service humanly possible.


"Frankie's recommendations were what I'd expect from my staff"

Ruben Bryant, Founder Good as Gold 

Why we went with Frankie

To be honest, I wasn't 100% sure of Frankie before we went ahead. I liked the people behind Frankie and they had a good track record, so we decided to look a little closer. Using data from our store, they did a study that showed us what they could do. Essentially, they compared what we were doing, with their new Frankie AI approach [AI: Artificial intelligence]. The numbers from the study looked good, but more importantly, Frankie's recommendations were what I'd expect from my staff.  That's what sold me, it looked right, so we decided to take the next step.





We installed the Frankie app on our Shopify store. The setup was painless, (I can’t even remember it). We then enabled recommendation widgets on the following pages of our store:

  • Product page - Better Alternative and Recently Viewed
  • Collections page - Collection Picks and Recently Viewed
  • Cart page - Recently viewed

The app has a number of recommendation options for each store page.  We took advice from the Frankie team as to what was best for our store.  We've been supported the whole way, but it's actually pretty easy. It’s just a case of adjusting the title to fit your brand and clicking ‘enable'. Then Frankie just works and the sales start happening.



Good as Gold HQ






We've had Frankie for 3-months now and we're very pleased with the results.
  • 20% of online sales now come through Frankie
  • Frankie’s suggestions convert at 2x our normal rate
  • 5.3% increase in online users
  • 7.6% increase in page views

I also like the report snapshots via email - just the right amount of info.

While the results are great, the thing I like most, is that our customers are shown items that appeal to them. Their shopping experience is more personal, it's what we're known for, it's what we want to deliver.


"The thing I like most, is that our customers are shown items that appeal to them."

Ruben Bryant, Founder Good as Gold


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